a few of the many recipients

The following is a varied selection of recipients who have benefited from Trust donations:

Riding Lights Theatre Company

“At Riding Lights we believe that income should not be a barrier to the arts. The generous donation given to us by the York Common Good Trust helped to maintain our Youth Theatre Bursary Fund. This fund enables us to offer bursaries to young people who, because of financial hardship, may not otherwise be able to participate in our Youth Theatre programmes.”
Abigail Oscroft – Youth Theatre Director

Live Music Now

“Thanks to the support of the trustees of The York Common Good Trust, Live Music Now were able to provide a series of concerts for children and young people in 2016. For many of our audiences, visits from Live Music now are their only opportunity to experience live performance during the year. We are extremely grateful to the Trustees for their support of LMN in the past.”
Deborah Welch – Assistant Director

Two Ridings Community Foundation

“We received £1000 from York Common Good Trust in autumn 2016 and this support made a vital difference to the lives of Syrian refugee families in York that winter as part of our York Refugee Appeal. These funds are used to help refugee families with practical support to help them settle into the York community. Items funded included winter coats, tools for allotment gardening and bicycles and safety gear like helmets and locks. The fund has also supported Refugee Action York with their work supporting refugees.”
Jan Garrill -Chief Executive

Mindful Support Ltd

“Mindful Support aims to bring the benefits of Mindfulness to vulnerable groups and those that would find it hard to access courses.
In 2017 the York Common Good Trust provided funds to Mindful Support to teach an eight week mindfulness course to people living with dementia and their partner or other family member.  This was part of a research project so running this course is adding to the evidence of positive outcomes relating well-being and increasing resilience.   Our participants told us about how the course had benefited them: noticing what is positive and good in their lives, greater acceptance of the disease and taking more time to rest  and relax together.”
Susie Mackenzie

The Wilberforce Trust

“The Wilberforce Trust was delighted to receive a grant from York Common Good Trust toward our Active Sensory Sessions which we hold for people with disabilities who are not usually able to participate in sport. The Active Sensory Sessions are designed to stimulate all the senses and in addition are proven to bring cardio vascular fitness and muscular activity to those who have severe multiple disabilities. This service is unique in York because of the disability level of the group. The funding we received made all the difference to equipping the service and we are very grateful to York Common Good Trustees.”
Anne Parkinson – Fundraising Manager

Clothing Solutions

“Thanks to the incredibly kind support of York Common Good Trust, Clothing Solutions for Disabled People can continue to provide a service for disabled children and adults in York. Clothing Solutions is a charity that supplies affordable made to measure garments. Through innovative designs, we have provided a range of bespoke garments for disabled people of all ages. Due to the amazing support of the trustees of York Common Good Trust, we can continue to offer a comprehensive clothing service to people, for reasons of shape, size, proportion, mobility difficulties or learning disabilities, find it difficult to find appropriate and affordable clothing from retail outlets.
We do not receive any statutory funding and we are entirely reliant on the support of trusts such as the York Common Good Trust. Thank you so much!”
Sandra Hunt – Manager

The Island

“The Island supports many vulnerable children and young people across York through 1:1 mentoring relationships.  Thanks to a grant from the York Common Good Trust, The Island has been able to provide a fortnightly club where all those referred are supported effectively, providing a safe, enjoyable environment with various activities being offered prior to being matched with a volunteer mentor.”
Nigel Poulton